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【Product efficacy】: Through the vibration and other functions Massage sensitive areas, regulate endocrine, up to comfort, improve the

             quality of life purposes.


            long :16.5CM

            Length: 9cm
            Diameter 3.7-4.0CM


            Purple: 69G Black: 47G

Dumbbell exercise may occur in normal physiological reactions as well as the use of tips

1. When you start exercising with a vaginal dumbbell, you may have a sense of discomfort, because your body has a “vigilance” on the sphere. For a few minutes, you may feel that the sphere is sliding out. If you encounter such a situation, please do not worry, continue to stick to it. When your muscles become more tight, you can naturally control the ball.

2. When the toilet, please remove the baby from the body, so as not to dumbbell fell into the toilet, there have been buyers friends such a situation, so please remember the new buyers.

3. leucorrhea secretion increased: dumbbell into the body, due to the stimulation of the vagina, stimulate the vaginal discharge increased, remove the dumbbell will be followed by out of the leucorrhea, which is a normal phenomenon. The amount of vaginal discharge and menstrual cycle and sexual ideas, sexual activity is closely related. Leucorrhea in the sex play the role of lubricant, once the genitals by sexual stimulation, it will naturally stimulate the secretion of leucorrhea. Do not worry about dumbbells that will affect your health.

4. abdominal muscle pain: due to exercise pelvic muscles at the same time, the abdomen under the muscles are also being exercised, and for long-term non-exercise of the muscle parts, muscle pain occurs. Like a child on the physical education, the next day under the legs of the pain is this situation.

5. Sphere is placed in the body, the vaginal opening and the distance between the pelvic floor varies from person to person, the ball must be placed in the correct position, the contraction rope must always be exposed outside the vagina to ensure that the ball from the body smoothly.




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silicone ball



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Vaginal Tightening Ball


1 pcs


Black purple

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kegel ball


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